How to make your own hand sanitizer

How to make your own hand sanitizer

How to prepare, in a simple way, a do-it-yourself hand sanitizer, which is also effective against Coronavirus.

Since now antibacterial hand disinfectants seem nowhere to be found, here’s how to prepare a homemade one, with ingredients also available both online and in any supermarket.

Ingredients for hand sanitizer

  • Alcool 96%
  • Hydrogen peroxide 3% or 10 vol
  • Glycerine
  • Sterile distilled water
  • 1 l graduated container

How to prepare the disinfectant

Take the graduated container and check that it is clean

Pour 833ml of alcohol Add 42ml of hydrogen peroxide and mix with a plastic wood or metal tool

Add 15ml of glycerin and mix well. Glycerin is very thick, so you will need to mix well.

Add sterile water, just enough to get to 1 liter.

The disinfectant thus obtained can be poured into a plastic or glass container with a dispenser and will also be effective against Coronavirus.

Where to find the products you need

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